Aortic Dissection is an emergency
that is often fatal when missed


The Think Aorta campaign is centred on improving patient outcomes & ultimately saving lives by increasing the identification & early diagnosis of aortic dissection within the setting of Emergency Medicine

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Listen to the RCEM online learning where patients & health professional share their experience to educate & save lives

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To lower the unacceptably high rate of misdiagnosed Aortic Dissections in A&E across the UK and Ireland

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Aortic Dissection can you see the problem?
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How to ensure a low miss rate

Think Aorta: triangulated perspectives on a challenging diagnosis

EUSEM’s eLearning video explaining the latest diagnosis for Aortic Dissection in an emergency setting. 

Think Aorta is proudly supported by Aortic Dissection Awareness (UK & Ireland). The Patient Association for people affected by Aortic Dissection and their families. 

Membership of the Association is free to patients, relatives, carers and healthcare professionals with an interest in Aortic Dissection.

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Aortic Dissection Awareness Day 2020

More than 20 countries come together to raise awareness for aortic dissection around the world on September 19th.
More details of the 2020 UK event will be announced soon.

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